Stone Soup Recording Studios in Toledo Ohio


The mission of Stone Soup Recording Studios is to provide a high quality audio recording environment.

Tracking, Mixing: Solo artists, bands, up to medium sized ensembles

  • Any musical style
  • Separately or all together
  • All at once or overdubbed

Mobile recording now available through Stone Soup Recording Studios!
We can track your live performance using our new state of the art mobile workstation setup!
Please call or e-mail to discuss pricing and options available

Studio Musicians: many players on call – drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, male and female vocalists. Any style needed.

Mastering: Arrangements can be made for mastering with our mastering contacts or yours

CD Artwork: Several artists available, samples and consultation available upon request

CD Duplication: We can work with Disc Makers to arrange duplication of any quantity desired